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Helpful Web Design Advice For Solicitors In Wirral

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Are you a solicitor that is currently seeking new clients in Wirral? If you have been using off-line advertising, it might be time to consider online strategies. At the very least, if you don’t have one, you need to have a website. If you do, and it is not helping you attract additional customers to your legal practice, then you need to make some significant changes. You might be paying for PPC advertising, and people may be arriving at your website, but they subsequently leave seconds after they arrive. To change this, you will have to use these helpful web design tips that are specifically designed to help solicitors Wirral get more clients that come to their website.

Wirral Map 6How Should The Front Page Of Your Website Look?

The front page of your website is supposed to have three specific components. First of all, you need to introduce your business. This will include the name and logo of your business, contact information for your business, and information about the business you are in. The name of your business along with your logo should be front and center at the top or to the left. The contact information can be in the center, or off to the right. Finally, links for navigation should be in the right column, and you should also have a drop-down menu for easy access. In the center of your website, above the fold of the page, they need to instantly learn about your law practice. This should be done with either a video, or a simple paragraph that quickly tells them about your legal practice in Wirral.

How To Get Clients And Continue Contact With Visitors

If you want to contact your visitors, long after they have left your website, they must subscribe to a newsletter that you offer. Most people do not want to give their name and email address. That is why you must offer them a special deal. For a legal practice, this could include a free first-time consultation. You may also want to offer a discount on your services. However, they need to subscribe in order to get access to these benefits. This is usually enough motivation to have them subscribe, or even better, call you up to set the appointment.

If you are a solicitor in Wirral, you now know how to structure your website to get the best results from the paid advertising that you are using. Even if you are getting visitors through SEO, you need to be capturing emails, and also presenting your website in a way that doesn’t cause them to go elsewhere. One final tip is to always add your image to the page. This will make their initial contact with you more personal. By following these simple recommendations, you can start to see an uptick in the number of clients that you can pick up as a result of modifying your website.